Many turned out for the opening of the new H&M that opened on Thursday. River Island which has moved from the Guildhall shopping centre, also opened on Thursday, so the new shopping complex is starting to come together nicely.

The new Marks and Spencer’s store is set to open on Thursday 18th August, with other stores coming soon such as Outfit and New look. No specific date has been set for any of the other stores or restaurants coming to the complex. Primark is due to open some time in October.

The site will create hundreds of jobs and will certainly attract more visitors to Stafford.

Happy Shopping!

EU image

The referendum results for the Conservative stronghold of Stafford were declared at 4.30am today, with 56% of people in Stafford declaring they wish to leave the EU.

The turnout was 77,527, equating to 77.83%, an increase on the 71% who voted in the general election.

In total 34,098 voted in favour of staying in the EU (44%), and 43,386 decided they wanted to leave.

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